BigIdeas2018 – Being Yourself Is the Greatest Present

#BigIdeas2018 – A viral term going on all social networks and all pioneers, laymen are documenting their words. And, let me take this term now, those who expect serious takeaways, please quit here.

This is for those beautiful ladies who are trying to balance work and home in smaller cities. (passionate or responsibility doesn’t matter and honestly, it is for responsibility most of the times and smaller cities? Yes, I mean it)

Being a balancer of home and office and especially in a smaller town, I have been a fence-sitter in most cases a lot of times. Does this sounds as a serious tone? No I am not, as most of them are simple things but I would like to address them.

#MyBigIdeas2018 on smaller things that can create Tons of good Vibes about BEING YOURSELF

Say Yes to Messy Home – Surrounded by relatives, visits are quite often. Don’t push yourself to clean everything in a single time just for their lunch or dinner visit. Let them understand you work 6 days a week and even in your 1 day holiday, you are going to work. Say YES, my home is messy, I will clean it.

Say Yes to Gossips – Bahu, I heard you don’t cook properly and run to office always. With a sweet smile, answer YES, I don’t. Don’t try to give explanations.

Say Yes, my husband helps in Washing vessels – Generation Gaps, Current lifestyle scenario are the two terms everyone should try to get in. Don’t hesitate to say, YES – my husband helps me in washing vessels or It’s your due, please wash the vessels dear. You worth the Sharing.

Say Yes to one-time food out – Having atleast one-time food out twice a month or a week is your choice, When you feel it. Say YES, to one-time food out to WHOEVER. Don’t feel bad or guilty about yourself listening to their “Those Days” stories. Hear them but stand by what you feel.

Say Yes to your time – Do WHAT you like and WHEN you like to do it. 24*7 work is guaranteed, and those who don’t have maids it is damn sure. Say YES to your own time and don’t think that you have to clean your cupboard in this time. Doing what you like gives you lots of positive vibes which can reflect in your next work. (Though it is a simple, silly stuff like EATING your fav Chat Snacks or an outing with your Bestie or Sistie or Hustie)

Say Yes to self care – All are busy doing their own works and gossips. Whether you are good or bad, there are PEOPLE who talk. Say YES to self caring.

This might sound arrogant and bad BUT, it is You who living your life. Self caring and Self respect are more important in today’s lifestyle as an empty vessel can serve no-one. Believe in – Being REAL is better than with an artificial MASK.

Create your beautiful life with a lighter heart and real emotions.

Source by Harini OSC

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