5 Keys To Make Self – Help Work!

How can anyone, become, the best, he could possibly be, unless/ until, he, first, did everything, possible, to help, himself? While, we often, hear someone, discuss, self – help, it will only make a quality, change, for the better, when/ if, you, proactively, use a variety of methods, and steps, to achieve the most – desirable, results! After, more than four decades, of involvement, in training people, and giving, personal development seminars, I have come to realize, how important, it is, to take advantage of, these 5 keys, to make self – help, work, effectively. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of these, and, how one might, use these effectively.

1. Check – up from the neck – up: Although, it is wise, to do so, very few of us, actually, take the time, and make a concerted effort, to examine ourselves, honestly, and introspectively, or, what I refer to, as, giving yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up! Do this, as you might, evaluate, someone else, in a truly, objective way! What do you like, best, about, you, and what, are you, less – than – pleased, with/ about? Be thorough, and, brutally, honest, for your own, best – interests!

2. Short – term, interim, longer – term: What do you seek, in the short – term/ immediate, interim, and longer – term? How will you reach, these objectives? What should you do, to ensure this, and will you be ready, willing, and able to proceed, with the combination of discipline, and commitment? Will you maintain the endurance, and emphasis, needed, to get, where you hope, to be?

3. Your personal discipline/ How important are your goals, and aspirations?: Are your goals, truly, yours, and how motivating, and personally, inspiring, are they, to you? Will you proceed, and maintain, the necessary degree, of personal discipline, to reach these? Will you maintain the discipline, despite potential obstacles? Will you consider obstacles, to be, challenges to overcome, or problems?

4. Using personal affirmations: Creating, and using an Affirmation List, correctly, and regularly/ consistently, is often, a very effective way, to maintain a productive, positive, can – do, attitude, and take the steps, regularly, to proceed, with the best plan, approach, strategy, and actions, which might work, for you. Limit this list, to ten items, word them in positive (proactive) terms, commit to reading/ reviewing, and caring about them, several times, per day, and, your chances of achieving, are usually, exponentially, improved!

5. Do you, truly, want to make yourself, better?: Do you, really, want to be better, and will you commit, to taking, the steps, needed, to achieve your personal objectives? Don’t try to become a clone, of someone, else, but, rather, be the best, you, can become!

Self – help only helps, and works, if you really, want it to! Don’t take short – cuts, but maintain the endurance, and persist, and you’ll be, on your path, to where you hope, to be!

Source by Richard Brody